"If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: I am here to live out loud."
-Emile Zola

I developed my very first roll of film of black and white prints in the 90’s. And in 1996, I won my first photo contest. After I saw my photo in print, I felt inspired to keep going and went out and got my first job at a children's photography studio in the mall called Kiddie Kandids. Since then, my love for photography has only grown stronger, which brings me to where I am today with my own photography business.

Story telling through imagery and film is my daily desire and dream come true. I am motivated by the light peeking through the dark, and I get inspired by the way beauty moves through the two.  I believe in some ways, this is also my form of prayer. This is my way of connecting and communicating with the world.

After 18 years in the beauty industry, I decided to retire as a bridal makeup expert and give photography and films all my time and attention.  I don't want to confuse people on what I do; there was a time I was very passionate about makeup and had a special connection with brides. It was hard to stop and walk away from this craft, but it was time, and over the years I have cultivated a team of beauty masters that I still work very closely with. My background in the beauty world has really helped me evolve as a photographer. I see colors and light differently than before, and I pay attention to the little details that matter, and women have especially taken notice.

My goal is to showcase everyone -- man, woman, child, couple -- in their best light. And I strive to capture every living being in the moments they feel most beautiful and most like themselves. I want these moments of light and beauty to live forever through my photography.